The Old Forge

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Ruan Lanihorne

Suggested Walking Routes

Walks, destinations, shops & facilitiesWalks are shown on the map starting in Ruan and going round the Roseland in a clockwise direction. Approximations of time & difficulty are for the average "40-something" person who is used to walking an hour or two with the dog at the weekend. There are several maps and guidebooks at the Old Forge.


Walk number

Bohortha 12, 15
Carne & Pendower 8
Froe 15, 16
Gerrans 18
Melinsey 4
Nare Head 7
Place 14
Porthbeor 12
Portloe 5, 6
Portscatho 9, 10
Ruan Lanihorne 1, 2, 3
St. Anthony's Head 13
St. Just 20
St. Mawes 19, 20
Towan 11, 12, 16
Trelissick 21, 22




Old Forge/Sett Bridge
From Old Forge turn left, fork left down lower road alongside Reading Rooms, turn left by pond, pass stone quay to Sett Bridge.
(1) Return. [1/2 hr, very easy, level]
(2) Immediately before bridge take the path on the right to the old quarry and back. [3/4hr, very easy, mainly level]
(3) Continue over bridge to view river through the oaks above Lamorran. [3/4hr, very easy, level]

2 Old Forge/Ruan
From Old Forge turn left, at the lower road turn right up the footpath behind the mill. Go through the gate and pass the farm buildings on the right. Go through the next gate and cross the field diagonally to the far left corner. Climb over the dry stone wall, turn left to return to the village via the church. If the field is ploughed you will either have to skirt the edge or, turn left before the 2nd gate and walk along the driveway. [3/4hr, very easy, modest hill.]

Old Forge/Trethella/Trelonk
Go up the path behind the Old Forge & through the small gate in the hedge, cross the lawns through the trees opposite and down to the road (you can reach this point by turning right out of the Old Forge and, turning right again up the hill signposted to Trethella).
(1) Turn left and return to Old Forge along the lane [20mins, very easy]
(2) Turn left and fork right at the top of the hill up the greenway. At the end of the greenway turn left and return to the Old Forge. [30 mins, very easy, modest hill]
(3) Turn right and proceed downhill. Just past Trethella is a path on the left which rejoins the road after a 100yds or so. Turn  left and proceed @1.5 miles along the lane to Trelonk. At T-junction turn left. Exit village downhill - there may be a couple of Llamas in a field on your left. The road levels out. As you reach a a right hand bend in the road there is a path straight across the field in front of you. Cross 2 fields. At the 3rd field turn right and skirt the field edge following the footpath to another gate, turn left and skirt the field edge back to the j/w the greenway. Return to Old Forge via path/road or greenway. [1.5hrs, very easy, mainly level & modest hills]


From Melinsey Mill turn right & cross over the road. At the first bend take the path on your left up through the woods. It drops down to some cottages by a lane. Pass these on your left, go through the gate and rejoin the footpath by stream. Follow the stream to Pendower beach. The path ends at the car-park just above the beach. Retrace route to return. [1hr easy, moderate hill 1/2 way]

5 Portloe/Veryan

6 Portloe/Nare Head

7 Nare Head


Pendower/Carne/Nare Head


Portscatho/Creak Stephen/Pendower/Carne
Take the lane by "The Sea Garden" out of the village to the field below the car-park. Keep right and take the steps down to Porthcurnick beach. Go up the slipway and take the footpath right towards the lookout hut. Follow the coastal path.
(1) After 10 mins take the path left over the field to Rosevine returning to Porthcurnick beach down the lane. [1hr easy, generally level/moderate inclines]
(2) Continue along the path to the steps down to Porthbean and along the beach to Creak Stephen. The path continues to just before Pendower beach where you can either (a) scramble down the stream/chine on your right {at your own risk!!}, (b) turn left up the footpath which joins the lane behind the apartments. Turn right and follow the lane down to Pendower beach. You then have the further options of continuing to Carne or turning left and going through the woods to Melinsey and back. [2.5hrs moderate, moderate inclines. Melinsey (route 4 above) will add another 1hr - more if you stop for tea!]

10 Portscatho/Towan/Rosteague
Walk past the harbour & pier-head to the coastal path, turn right, up the steps and out of village. The path hugs the coastline passing several small beaches & coves which are generally very quiet. Most can be quite easily reached down a path with perhaps a 10ft easy scramble. Having reached Towan, take the path from the middle of the beach right to the toilets. Walk through the arch to the road and turn right. After 10yds go up the gravel path to the right and over the field to Rosteague. Follow the minor road back towards Portscatho. After @1mile pass the stables on the left and the house next to the road on the right. Immediately past this take the path on the right with the overhanging trees & shrubs. Cross the field to the steps that will take you into the village opposite the harbour. [2.5hrs, moderate. Some modest hills, the final steps can be slippery.]  
11 Towan/Porthbeor
Whilst this walk is safe and one of our favourites there are some points where the cliff is accessible to dogs particularly from Killigerran to Porthbeor. Please ensure dogs are under control.
Park in the NT car-park at Towan. Cross the road & go through the arch to the beach. Turn right past the wreck-post towards Killigerran Head. The cove just west of Towan is frequented by seals. Killigerran is a wide grassed headland with great views east and west. Continue along the coastal path and Porthbeor will come into view - there is quite a large stone style to cross. The peak of rock just before the beach is a great vantage point.  At Porthbeor there are 4 options:-
(1) Down the steps to the beach.
(2) On to St Anthony's Head - see walk 12 below
(3) Right to the road. At the road turn right and continue along the road for @3/4 of a mile. The grass verge on the left will eventually turn into a footpath down to the car-park. [1.5hrs, moderate]
(4) Right and immediately left to Bohortha and walks 15, 16 & 17 below.
12 Porthbeor/St Anthony's head
Park in the road. From the head of the cliff-steps turn right and head west towards St. Anthony's Head. Up the steep hill above the western end of the beach (great view back), thereafter follow the coast path to St Anthony's battery. There is an engraved compass naming what is in sight & giving distances (also toilets).   Follow the path through to the car-park.
(1) Join the road away from St Anthony's. At the junction turn right and go up moderate hill to return to Porthbeor. [2hrs, two hills, moderate] Or, at the junction turn left go down the hill and pick up options 2 & 3 in Walk 13
(2) At the car-park follow the directions for Walk 13.
13 St Anthony's Head
At the centre of the car-park take the path to the lighthouse (the light is not open to the public but it is still worth visiting for the view), turn right at the bottom of the path pass the powder store and continue towards Gt Molunan beach OR, at the entrance/exit to the car-park take the steep path directly down to the beach. Follow the coastal path over the wooden bridge, past the beaches and round the headlands to the long fields opposite St. Mawes. Exit the field at the far right corner, go down the hill to the gravel path, turn right by Cellars Beach and follow the path to the rear of Place Manor. Turn left at the path behind the Manor to the Church. Walk through the churchyard to the road.
(1) Turn right and go up the  hill. Take the first right along the road back to the headland. [2hrs, two hills, moderate]
(2) Turn right and go up the hill past the above road and walk on to the style which leads you to Porthbeor. Return following route 12 above. [2.5hrs moderate]
(3) Turn left and go down to the slipway. At the head of the slipway  take the path right up the hill following the line of ancient trees. At the top of the hill two paths converge. Go straight on, this will lead you to Bohortha. Walk downhill through the village. At the junction turn right then either return along the road or, follow Walk 12 back to the headland. [3hrs, moderate]
(4) Turn left and follow the directions for Walk 14
14 Place
Note: The church is accessed by a path through the graveyard 100yds up the hill from the drive to the manor house (which is private).
At the head of the slipway take the path left around the foot of the hill to Totty's steps and into the woods.
(1) Just before the woods end there is a path up to the right with shallow steps. Go up to the fields.[1.5hrs, moderate]
(2) Pass out of the woods and cross the field keeping left (pass the small boathouse and beach here). Go over the style and into the next woods. The path is reasonably flat.
(1) The path follows the river shore and then Froe creek. As you walk along the creek-side you will see a steep path on your right. Go up this. It joins a greenway, turn left. At the end of the greenway go over the style and turn right following the styles to the path between high dry-stone walls. This will bring you in to the rear of Bohortha village. You can then either (a) turn right exiting the village by a gravel byway which runs into a footpath. This then leads you down a field and line of ancient trees back to Place slipway [1.5hrs, moderate +] or, (b) turn left and exit Bohortha via the road. At the junction turn right and follow the road back to place or, join Walk 12.
(2) Ignore the steep path and continue on the footpath alongside Froe Creek and tide-mill. This will lead you back to the car park above Towan. You can then either (a) go up the steps in the car park and follow the path parallel to the road. This will join the road after 10 mins from which you continue on to Place via the road [2hrs, moderate] or follow Walk 12.
(b) follow the direction in walks 11 or 12 back to Place [3 - 3.5hrs moderate +].
15 Bohortha
This is essentially an extension of walks from Place. Park in the road and exit the village along the gravel path past the refurbished sickly-coloured cottage. After a short while the path will drop down a hill towards Place quay. Follow the options in 14 above.
16 Froe
Park in the NT car park at the exit turn left down the gravel drive by the cottage to the rear carpark. Keep right and enter the woods by the stream. This will lead you to a field with the tide mill and creek to your right. Skirt the edge of the field to the woods. In the woods.
17 Percuil
(A) From the boatyard, walk up the hill and turn right along the footpath through the woods. Follow this to a small beach.
(B) From the boatyard walk along the riverside (river on your left) towards ### Mill.
18 Gerrans
Enter the small road by the  petrol station. After a few yards turn left and follow the path down through the woods. Go into the fields and continue along the path down to the river.
(1) If the tide is out, cross over the river on the gravel bar (once the stonework of the tide-mill). Go up the path on the other side and past the single house. Walk along the quiet road to the cottages on the right. Immediately past the cottages turn right and go down across the field. Cross the style and drop down the steep hill and up the other side. Follow the path to the playing fields and cross directly over. Walk along the gravel road and back onto the road through Gerrans. [1.5hrs moderate +]
(2) If the tide is in, continue along the riverside to Percuil
19 St Mawes, & Percuil River
From the harbour turn right and walk past the Idle Rocks Hotel and out of the village. As the road sweeps to the left and climbs the hill there is a path to a boatyard. Follow the path and walk alongside the river upstream to ###. Over the style turn right to follow the path round the field. Up the hill.
(1) Towards the top of the steep part of hill turn left and follow the dry stone wall back towards the town. There is a path back to the main road, cross over into lanes above the town and meander back into the village.
(2) Carry on up the hill to ### farm. Go through the farm to the main road, turn left and follow the road back into the village
(3) Cross over and into the fields opposite, descend the hill towards the water, turn left and follow the path to the castle and the town.
20 St Just/St Mawes
Enter the churchyard and take the path down to the waterfront, turn left and follow the path under the pine trees & rooks  towards the bar. Descend onto the shingle and join road by boatsheds. After a few yards turn right along the minor road which a couple of houses and peters out into the fields. From here it is a straight walk through the fields alongside the water to St. Mawes Castle/town. There are two quiet shingle beaches to explore. There may be sheep or cattle in the fields. One or two styles.
21 Trelissick (Gardens)
The entrance is by the NT shop. The gardens have both formal and informal areas with many specimen plants and trees.
22 Trelissick (Woodlands)
From the notice board in the car park head go through the gate into the fields and head left/downhill to the water. Turn left and follow the path alongside the river. Steps down to road with King Harry Ferry on the right.
(1) At the road turn left and walk up the hill to the car park. The gate by the round tower may be open so you can nip in there. Be careful, the road is narrow and there will be cars to & from the KHF.
(2) Cross the road and up the path opposite. Continue alongside river to "Wrinkling Lane" and pond.
(A) Turn left and up the hill to the road. Cross over and through gate opposite. Follow the path to the drive, turn left and follow drive back to the start.
(B) Carry straight on then turn right over the footbridge and right again following the path on the other side of the stream to Roundwood Quay & Iron-Age fort .  Return to 'A' and up the hill etc.